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Our Business

Building Better Communities for the Future of Myanmar


Yoma Land was launched in 2018 by Yoma Strategic Holdings (YSH) and First Myanmar Investment Public Co., Ltd (FMI) to hold the real estate assets of both companies. Since 1992 Serge Pun and Associates (SPA) and these companies have established themselves as among the most influential and successful real estate developers in Myanmar.


The founding of Yoma Land allows YSH and FMI to consolidate their activities going forward. This creates benefits of scale and efficiency that benefit customers, employees and shareholders. Yoma Land has one of Myanmar’s largest landbanks, focusing on township projects and the mission of “Building Better Communities for the Future of Myanmar”. It is actively building out existing assets, targeting new acquisitions and developing innovative products. Current sectors in which Yoma Land is active include residential, hotel, office, schools and retail. ​​​

Yoma Land is transforming Yangon’s cityscape across three strategically located flagship developments, StarCity, Yoma Central and Pun Hlaing Estate. From aspirational urban residential developments to high-end luxury, Yoma Land aims to build communities that are attractive, safe and vibrant, while placing emphasis on innovative designs, building standards and product range. ​

Our Values

Yoma Land is a leading real estate developer in Myanmar with a long term commitment to partners and customers. We pride ourselves on nurturing customer for life relationships and the finest international and local partners. Our values are based on integrity, teamwork, innovation and respect. Everything we do is in pursuit of economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability and by doing so we believe we can deliver the best results for shareholders.

Our Advantage

We have the advantage of being established and active in Myanmar for over 25 years and thus our 2000+ staff have a very deep understanding of the commercial, political and social landscape. Although predominantly locally staffed a number of highly skilled and experienced professionals bring an international perspective and are instrumental in the never ending pursuit of excellence. We actively seek out new challenges in terms of standards, process and products.


Sustainability is a key business strategy of Yoma Land. By incorporating the three pillars of sustainability into our business practices, we are increasing and future proofing the value of our stakeholders’ assets and investments.

Economic: To be sustainable, our business must be profitable, efficient and deliver value to shareholders, and, must have a clear plan for growth. Our team operates with integrity and is compliant with the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 in accordance to Rule 710 of the SGX-ST Listing Manual.

Environmental: We focus on reducing carbon footprints, packaging waste and water usage. Native gardens and vegetation are planted to preserve the natural biodiversity, working towards a low carbon society, and encourage the procurement of energy saving products. Formal accreditation of all current and future large development is ensured.

Social: We believe in diversity and inclusion, treat our employees fairly and provide learning and development opportunities. We support Step-In Step-Up a charity that engages the local community through career and job training, including fundraising and sponsorship that aims to improve the lives of the local community.

Awards Winning Real Estate Developer

  • 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit - Best Course in Myanmar (Pun Hlaing Golf Club) 

  • 2019 Myanmar National Real Estate Awards - Best Resort Hotel Development (Awei Metta)

  • 2019 Myanmar National Real Estate Awards - Best Educational Development (Dulwich College) 

  • 2017 Property Guru Awards - Best Housing Development (Lotus Hill)

  • 2017 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Landscape Design

  • 2015 South East Asia Property Awards - Best Developer

  • 2015 South East Asia Property Awards - Best Landscape Architectural Design

  • 2015 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Residential Interior Design 

  • 2015 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Condo Development

  • 2015 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Landscape Architecture Design

  • 2015 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Housing Development (Lotus Canal View Villas)

  • 2015 Myanmar Property Awards - Best Housing Development (Lotus Garden)

  • 2015 Property Guru Awards - Best Developer in Myanmar

The Milestone

Serge Pun @ Theim Wai

Executive Chairman

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Stephen Purvis

Head of Yoma Land

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