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COVID-19: Your health is your most valuable possession, according to Hippocrates

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

By Brenda Hobin

We have discussed how to manage remote teams and how to stay socially connected in two previous blogs. Today, we shall speak about physical well-being. Some of us have been working from home for almost a month now and sitting at your desks with limited movements can cause stress on the body; which in turn impacts on mental health and ultimately productivity.

There is also a direct correlation between physical well-being and happiness. In the current state of affairs, it is easy for us to forget to take care of our own health and simply put this to the back burner. This is not ideal as we would all emerge from the work-from-home phase exhausted and in the worst case scenario, burnt out. Here's some easy steps to maintain your physique.

Sufficient Sleep

It is important to maintain a good level of sleep as lack of sleep is associated with weight gain, obesity and depression. Good sleep, besides reducing the craving for a high calories diet, it can improve concentration, productivity and immunity to various diseases and viruses.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can boost immunity and fight against diseases and viruses. It can further help you keep your weight in-check and sharpen your mind. Residents living at Pun Hlaing Estate have the benefits of buying products from our organic farm, or order products from Metro.


Music has a magical effect on your emotions and physical well-being. Fast tempo music can bring forth optimism while slow tempo music can help you relax your muscles. Dora our deputy marketing director of Yoma Central has put together a list of music to help you relax and gets ready for the day.


With the spread of the current pandemic, it is important to maintain good hygiene to prevent yourself from contracting any viruses. Maintaining good hygiene can also prevent you from getting depressed.

Physical Activity

Exercises can help you sleep better at night, improves memories, feel more positive about yourself and the future; and most importantly prevent you from getting depressed during period of social distancing or lockdown. If you love Zumba, you can join Jackie or if you prefer to work your abs, you can join May in her twice weekly exercises. I also doing simple Qigong in-between breaks, try these simple self massages on your head, face, limbs or try the daily 20 minutes routine.

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