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Yoma Land announces Head of Asset Management; new leadership focusses on ops & financial excellence

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Yoma Land is pleased to announce Ms. Yamin Dutta as Head of Asset Management, a newly re-established department, effective 16 Dec 2019. Yamin brings to this role her finance expertise and knowledge of our business from having been in the position of Yoma Land Financial Controller for seven years. Yamin will work closely with the general managers and stakeholders to ensure overall successful operational and financial planning and performance of all assets under development and operational phase.

About Yamin Dutta

Ms. Yamin Dutta joined the Group in 2012, started as Financial controller for development entities and from 2014 in charge of financial reporting and financial management of Yoma Land and is the head of the finance staff division-wide. Ms Dutta studied Chartered Accountancy in United Kingdom and has worked as Finance Manager, Cost Controller and Financial Controller in United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Djibouti, Kenya and United Arab Emirates. Her experiences in managing finances over 25 years range from Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Service, and Automotive & After sale Services Industries to primarily Construction and Real Estate Industry. Ms. Dutta is a Charted Accountant and in addition holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations.

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