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Yoma Central Progress Report May 2020

Photo Credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

Tower 1 - The Peninsula Residence

Level 5 construction is now complete and work continues on level 6. Tower 1 has surpassed the height of the adjacent of Peninsula Hotel and its façade is currently being manufactured for shipment in about 4 weeks.

Tower 1 - The Peninsula Residences Yangon climbing beyond level 6
Photo Credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

Tower 2 – Westin Hotel

Tower 2 columns continue to progress upwards to level 6, which marks the start of the guestrooms. The Energy Centre structure in the northwest corner of the site is now compete and work has began on installing the main power plant and equipment inside.

Tower 2 - Westin Yangon, Yoma Central Grand Meyahtar Site
Photo Credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

Tower 3 – Offices

The south core of Tower 3 has now reached level 7.

Deep basement excavation level B4
Photo Credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

Tower 4 – Offices

Tower 4’s core has reached level 5 and the rebar is as high as level 6. The slabs are progressing at level 4 reaching some of the shop floors. The main podium is being formed and the area between YCP and the Peninsula Hotel is beginning to emerge.

The deep basement excavation is still at basement level B4. It is now below the water table at the end of dry season, which will gradually rise up to basement level B2 as the rainy season has just begun. This will require a lot of water to be pumped out over the remainder of the year.


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