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Yoma Central Progress Report April 2020

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

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Yoma Central Site
Photo credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

TOWER 1 - The Peninsula Residence

Tower 1 has now reached level 5 and is now taller than the adjacent Peninsula Hotel. The façade is being manufactured and shipment will start in about 8 weeks.

Yoma Central site
Photo credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

TOWER 2 – Westin Hotel

Tower 2 is further along, reaching now level 6, the first level of guestrooms. The Energy Centre structure in the NW corner of the site is now competed and soon we will start installation of the main plant and equipment, such as the six standby generators that we already have in our storage.

TOWER 3 – Offices

Tower 3 south core has reached level 7.

TOWER 4 – Offices

Tower 4 core is at level 4, and the slabs are at level 3, therefore some of the shop floors are now in place. Our teams are currently forming the main podium and starting to create the area between YCP and the Peninsula Hotel.

The deep basement excavation is at basement level B4 and is now below the water table at the end of dry season. As wet season commences it will gradually rise up to basement level B2, which will require extraction of water through the rest of the year.

Yoma Central site
Photo credit: Ko Ko Win Swe Tun


We are collaborating with YCDC to finalise the entry and exit points on the site. We will further assist the city council with improvements to the surrounding public footpaths.


We are following all guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Sports as well as Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and we have equipped our staff with all the necessary safety equipment.


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Yoma central progress report april 2020

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