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Yoma Central Newsletter - September 2020

Dear Friends, Investors and Partners,

This month we would like to share the progress on site prior to 21 September Stay At Home Order issued by MOHS, as well showcase the profile of our Project Manager, Mr Ko Ko Win Swe Tun and announce the arrival of an International Sales Director Mrs Cindy Chick.

In an effort to support our neighborhood Yoma Central Project has donated urgently needed cash, PPEs and accessories worth 5.1 million MMK to Pabaden Township Covid-19 Control and Emergency Response Committee on 21 September 2020. The chairman of our township’s Covid-19 Committee accepted the donation with adherence to social distancing regulations.

Just before the Stay at Home Order the construction work has been progressing on all four towers (with The Peninsula Residences now coming up to level 15), the basement and podium. We have also begun the second phase of mechanical, electrical and plumbing works on site and cheered the completion of the Energy Centre at Tower 3. For more details, see the construction report below.

Despite the pandemic the leasing activities for both office and retail have been making good progress.

Stay safe,

Yoma Central team


Yoma Central Profiles

Ko Ko Win Swe Tun

This month it’s time to introduce Yoma Central Project Manager, Ko Ko Win Swe Tun. Mr Ko Ko has been working with Yoma Central for more than three years now and his devotion to his profession has taken him to construction projects across Myanmar and the South-East Asia region. Discover a bit more about the man responsible for delivering the Yoma Central vision. Read more...


Construction Updates

Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon

Tower 1’s concrete structure has reached level 15. The blockworks are currently conducted at the podium located at level 5 as well as on level 6. On the north side of the building, we have also begun unitizing the tower’s glass facade panels at levels 5 and 6. Furthermore, our mechanical, electrical and plumbing works are currently underway at levels 1 through to 10.


Tower 2 - Westin Hotel

Tower 2’s concrete post-tension slab structure has reached level 11, whereas blockworks have commenced at level 2. The first phase of mechanical, electrical and plumbing fix has commenced at levels 1 through to 5.


Tower 3 - Offices

The concrete slab structure footprint of Tower 3 has now reached level 6 and we are also approaching the completion of concrete structure works on the Energy Centre, which is now furnished with its 12.5kVA transformers and all relevant accessories. We have installed the generator while two of its five chiller plants have been delivered and are ready for installation. Further Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) equipment has been delivered to the site for installation in the coming weeks.


Tower 4 - Offices

The concrete slab structure of Tower 4 has reached level 7. First and second phase of mechanical, electrical and plumbing works was conducted at levels 1 to 4.



The construction of the concrete slabs that will form the podium has now reached level 2 of Tower 1, whereas at the remaining towers it is already at level 5. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing is at first and second fix at Towers 1, 2 and 3.



Slab construction in Basements 1-4 is reaching completion, whereas at B5 we have commenced excavation process. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work progresses through both fix 1 and 2 at levels B1 and B2.


Yoma Land Workforce

Cindy Chick

We are very pleased to welcome Cindy Chick as the new Residential Sales Director for International Markets. Originally from Thailand, Cindy gained 10 years of sales experience with Marriott Vacation Club for the Asia-Pacific region while based at the JW Marriott in Phuket. Cindy brings in a wealth of sales knowledge and excellent language skills being fluent in Mandarin, Thai and English. Cindy is excited to be a part of Yoma Land and to manage the international sales and events focusing on The Peninsula Residences Yangon and Pun Hlaing Estate.

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