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Yoma Central Newsletter - October 2020

Dear Friends, Investors and Partners,

As many of you will know, Myanmar is currently experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 cases with the number of infections on the rise across the country. National and local government authorities are taking rigorous action to contain the spread of the virus. A governmental stay-at-home order for Yangon has temporarily halted all construction activity since September 24th, but it has expired on October 21st and we resumed works on October 24th. You can find our latest construction update report below.

Off-site Work

Several new Direct Work Contractor’s Appointments (DWCA) have been confirmed over the past month and are now in place for the Westin Hotel rooms and apartments, as well as the retail fit-out. The initial project meetings have taken place already. We have seen the first submissions for The Peninsula Residences Yangon fit-out too. We are also pleased to report that most of our staff who were abroad have now managed to return to Yangon and resume their work after completing a compulsory quarantine period. It is excellent getting our team almost complete again under these demanding circumstances.

Further Upgrades to Safety Measures on Site

Additional review of BTJV/BYMA COVID-19 prevention and protection measures on YCP/PYL sites has taken place. BTJV/BYMA made great efforts in splitting the projects into 6 zones by adding fences, separate entrances and worker facilities in each zone. New generation face recognition system is being set up for ‘no contact’ entry/exit control. Furthermore, we provided our workers with 24-hour doctors assistance at the world class on-site medical facility. We are proud to champion the best practice of H&S in offices and workplaces in YCP and beyond.

Just prior to issuing the newsletter we have been arranging inspections with the Ministry of Health and Sports and Ministry of Construction (MOHS/MOC) to allow resuming of the works on-site as well as at the offsite steel fabrication yard.

Stay safe,

Yoma Central team


Construction Updates

While the construction cycles for Tower 1 & Tower 2 saw initial improvement in early September, work on site has been halted by the government-imposed lockdown. Our contractors are currently developing a condensed construction timeline in the aim of minimizing any delay to the final delivery of the project.

Cabling work on the Yoma Central substation has also been delayed due to the lockdown.

Yoma Central site bird's-eye view, West
Yoma Central site bird's-eye view, West

Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon

Tower 1’s concrete structure has reached level 16. Construction of the final block works in the basement at levels B0 and B1 is now complete. Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing system (MEP) is being installed on multiple levels and the façade is starting to wrap the tower on the first apartment level.

Tower 2 - Westin Hotel

Work on the level 2 block works has begun and we have completed work on several Back of House (BOH) ancillary rooms.

The façade fabrication has commenced overseas and is expected to be ready to ship to start installation work in November.


Work has paused on our basement block works at level B2, while construction of several Back of House (BOH) ancillary rooms has been complete.

Tower 3/4 - Offices

The façade is now being fabricated for Tower 4, in parallel with Tower 1 and 2. Tower 3 will follow soon. Tower 4 office floors are now forming up.

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