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Yoma Central Newsletter - November 2020

Dear Friends, Investors and Partners,

This month we are bringing you good news. We are happy about the re-opening of Yoma Central site after conducting “Grade-A” level government inspection. During the government’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order and subsequent temporary site closure from 24 September to 22 October, our teams continued their off-site duties. We have worked towards minimising the impact of the closure on the overall delivery plan by focusing on close alignment with our contractors and material procurement. You can find out more about it in a Construction Updates section below.

Furthermore, we have been nominated for a real estate award by PropertyGuru Myanmar Property Awards in three categories. It is a great pleasure for us to be noticed by the honorable jury of this prestigious award.

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to our new Assistant Compliance and Approval/Social Manager - Alexander Kyaw Thiha Hla Myint, who is supporting our project in obtaining EDGE Certificate by IFC, which is another step in Yoma Central’s road to sustainability.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, we are always looking forward hearing from you.

Yoma Central Team


Contractors’ alignment

We have on-boarded the fit-out contractors working on Tower 2 and, as a result, they are currently preparing shop drawings. Our substation contractor has successfully delivered Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) plants and positioned them on the site. A modern GIS system will allow us to increase not only the safety of the operations connected to gas usage but also bring down the costs of maintenance and exploitation, further improving the sustainability of the project.

We are also scheduled to commence Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) pipeline installation this month, essential for our future F&B outlets as the city of Yangon does not yet provide a reliable gas supply.


We have purchased and received facade materials which are ready for fabrication up to level 11 for Tower 1, level 10 for Tower 2 and level 8 for Tower 4. We have also procured raw materials for the facade up to level 19 for Tower 1, level 22 for Tower 2, level 9 for Tower 3 and level 14 for Tower 4.

Bird-eye view on the project site

Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon

Tower 1’s slabs have now reached level 17. We have also installed unitized wall panels (UWP) on the facade of level 6 and initiated UWP work on level 7. Currently we are proceeding with block work on Level 8.

Tower 2 - Westin Hotel

Installation of the slabs on level 12 has been completed and we have begun work on level 13. The block work in the basement and on level 2 is currently in progress.

Office Tower 3 and Westin Tower 2 view from L8

Tower 3/4 - Offices

We are installing slabs on level 6 in Tower 3 and level 8 in Tower 4.

St Paul’s Church

We have successfully concluded conversations concerning the boundary wall between the YCP site and the adjoining church. The construction of a fence between the two properties and the wider structural work is now able to continue. This update releases all outstanding work left to be done on the structure and sub-structure in the vicinity of the fence wall, which until now has been on hold.


Award Nomination

We are pleased to announce that our project has been shortlisted by the established jury of Property Guru Asia Myanmar Property Awards as a front runner in 3 categories: Best Mixed-Use Development, Best Retail Development and Best Office Development. It is a privilege to be nominated as The Property Guru Asia Property Awards is the leading industry awards programme, rewarding only the region’s finest real estate.


YCP Journey to Sustainability

As part of our wider vision for the future of Yangon, Yoma Central is investing in our neighbourhood and pioneers sustainable construction practices to ensure that everyonewill benefit from this landmark city development.

We were awarded the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) in 2019. We are also adopting IFC’s EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) policies as a sustainability standard for our construction works.

To ensure this we invest in our team’s qualifications enabling them to truly lead this change within local construction industry. Our EDGE team is growing and improving. Alexander Kyaw Thiha Hla Myint, our Assistant Compliance and Approval/Social Manager has successfully completed EDGE Experts training and is currently preparing for his final exam. With the knowledge about green buildings, greater understanding of resource-efficient design practices and knowledge of the EDGE App and EDGE certification process he will work along his team towards ensuring Yoma Central is a truly sustainable project. You can find out more about Alexander’s passion for sustainability in this month’s Yoma Central Profiles.

What is EDGE?

EDGE is an internationally-recognized green building certification system developed by IFC to promote sustainable construction practices. A comprehensive set of best practices allows sites to gain a competitive advantage by adding value to their consumers. EDGE ensures the-state-of-art efficiencies adapted to climate, cost data, consumption patterns and algorithms for predicting the most accurate performance results. Launched in July of 2014, EDGE is currently practiced in over 170 countries and territories aiming to soon become a worldwide standard for construction in general.


Yoma Central Profiles: Alexander Kyaw Thiha Hla Myint

Discover the profile of Alexander Kyaw Thiha Hla Myint, our new Assistant Compliance and Approval/Social Manager. Alex, originally from Myanmar but with a vast international experience and expertise in compliance, is supporting our project in obtaining EDGE Certificate by IFC, which is another step in Yoma Central’s road to sustainability.

Check Alexander's profile here.

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