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Yoma Central Newsletter July 2020

Dear Friends, Investors and Partners,

We have listened to your feedback and decided to shorten our monthly newsletter so to focus on delivering timely construction updates on the Yoma Central Project. All remaining information, such as stories, profiles and project news, will be published bi-monthly and will be available via our new website, which we plan to launch before the end of this month. We also encourage you to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest news and feature-length articles. You can check our Facebook and LinkedIn page to discover more.

As always, if you have any questions for the team here please feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Many thanks,

Yoma Central Project Team


Updates from the construction site end of June 2020

TOWER 1 - The Peninsula Residences Yangon

Photo by Ko Ko Win Shwe Tun

We have now reached level 8 and begun work on reaching level 9. The building of the residence is already three floors taller than the adjacent hotel. The first façade panels have arrived in Yangon Port and are awaiting custom clearance.


TOWER 2 – Westin Hotel

Photo by Ko Ko Win Shwe Tun

The floor of Tower 2 has reached level 6 and its core walls are currently at level 7. The main lift core is at level 5. The hotel swimming pool at level 5 is also being formed.


TOWER 3 – Offices

Photo by Ko Ko Win Shwe Tun

The Energy Centre structure in the north-west corner of the site is complete and we have started installation on the main plant and its internal equipment. This includes the standby generators that power the whole development during outages. Like the first façade for The Peninsula Residences Yangon, transformers for the new YESC substation have arrived in Yangon Port and are awaiting custom clearance. Tower 3 South Core reached level 7 and the podium is being built at level 3 and 4.


TOWER 4 – Offices

Photo by Ko Ko Win Shwe Tun

The core of Tower 4 is currently between level 6 and 7, whereas the slabs have now reached level 5. Since the main podium is being formed at level 2 and 3, more of the shop floor is now in place. The area between Yoma Central Project and The Peninsula Hotel Yangon is starting to emerge. The deep basement is at level B4 and the excavation is almost complete, which means concrete work can now begin. We have also started mechanical and electrical work across the whole basement at level B1, so parts of the towers and internal blockwork has commenced.

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