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World Environment Day - Connecting people and forests in cities

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Source: Cities4Forests

Every city, and our collective future, depends on healthy forests around the world. It is time for cities and their residents to join the global effort to conserve and restore forests — inside and outside city boundaries.

We plant 1 tree for every post

Forests are essential to urban life!

The Forest Challenge aims to raise awareness and engage people to show the world their connection to trees. Cities depend on trees and forests inside and nearby, and even thousands of miles away. From food and water to climate, medicines, culture, recreation - the web of biodiversity keeps urban areas thriving and healthy. For every different image that you post – we commit to planting a tree! Connecting local action with global efforts to contribute to reforestation, we are making a difference together.

Forest Challenge is a digital campaign to engage people in cities around the world to show how to live in greater harmony with nature. Post a public image with your friends, family, or colleagues with forests and trees on Instagram or Facebook using #ForestChallenge, tag @cities4forests and include PunHlaingEstate, StarCity.Thanlyin in your location.

Join the photo contest and reconnect with nature! All photos need to be submitted via a public post on before 15 June 2020. For more information see:

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