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Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

You found your new home. You are ready to pack your belongings and relocate to Pun Hlaing lifestyle estate. With good planning, the moving process can be a bliss.

Which relocation company to choose?

With the current pandemic still at the back of our mind, it is prudent to ask the relocation company for its Covid-19 moving policies. Do they offer no-contact relocation and packing services? Do they offer post move sanitizing services? Ask for referral from friends or open group in social media platforms.

What are you paying for?

Get a proper quotation from your shortlist of companies. The quotation should include full itemized list to avoid hidden costs. Check if insurance coverage.

Should you take photographs of your inventory?

Take photo of your items. They will be useful in case of dispute or doubts. Pack your most expensive items and jewellery yourself. Take them with you personally, do not leave them to be moved with the rest of the items.

Can your furniture pass through the doorway?

Measure your largest furniture and equipment to ensure they can be passed through the doorways. You might have to take items such as beds apart before moving day and reassemble them when you move in. Have all these items ready to ensure efficient moving day.

Does the relocation company know where to load/unload their vans or trucks?

Check what time the vans of trucks can pass through the city. Ensure your schedule moving time is not going to be in conflict with any zoning rules.

Taking the above precautions will ensure a seamless relocation experience. For limited period, Pun Hlaing Leasing is offering complimentary relocation on selected apartments and homes. Contact our leasing at +95 97 7722 9339 or email for full info or check our listing at to select your new home.

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