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Tips for Buying a Property in a Master-planned Community

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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When people think of buying a home and living in a gated community, they are immediately taken by the exclusivity, status, facilities, generous space and security. There are many intangible benefits that often goes unaccounted for at the initial stage!

Let’s get an insight into what goes behind the gate at Pun Hlaing Estate.

1. Why choose a gated community

Round the clock security is probably the most attractive benefit of living in a gated community. The estate management company ensures there are no vandalism, no strangers trolling the estate, burglary and home invasion. At Pun Hlaing Estate, residents can order portable drinking water, housekeeping services and even let the kids roam free in the estate.

2. Vibrant community

Residents living in a gated community share similar desires. They want to live amongst like-minded neighbours, a safe place for the kids, a place where the family can hang out with like-minded neighbours. They want to keep the estate clean and pristine. They can hang out at the country club and their kids can play with one another and the golf lovers can get fit playing golf together. There is a close bond not seen in regular neighbourhood.

3. Seclusion and privacy

If you crave for seclusion and privacy, a gated community will offer just that. You can watch the sunrise in the comforts of your homes, having a quiet coffee at the club house or golf club, you can take your dogs for a walk around the estate after dinners or take a job around the estate without the through traffic.

4. The value of your property

While we cannot deny the costs of living in a gated community is slightly higher than other neighbourhood, the tangible and intangible benefits of living in a gated community far outweighs the slightly higher costs. For instance, your property has higher quality standards and design, and so the chances of homeowners mitigating the risk of fluctuations in property value. In general, ceteris paribus, a property in a gated property enjoys a higher resale value.

5. Aspirational lifestyle

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, gated community is also a great choice for families with elderlies. When they are busy working, there are ample opportunities for the elderlies to meet fellow elderlies in the day time at the club house or golf club. They can also keep their mind and body active by taking and signing up for tennis lessons or aquarobics. Pun Hlaing Estate also grows its own veggie farms to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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