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COVID-19 & Impact on lifestyle choices

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The recent pandemic has changed and will forever change the ways people live. The norm when purchasing a home used to be location and prices. Potential home buyers want to know what the amenities around the area are. For instance, the quality of the school, the distance to the closest hospital, the supermarkets, shops, spas, sports facilities such as gym, outdoor pool, yoga classes and dining outlets. However, the recent pandemic add a new variable in the mix, and a qualifier that goes right up to the top of the list. That is, density of the living space and estate.

While density of the area would affect the prices of the house, people are now concerned about their health and safety. Meaning, they need space that is less densely populated. During lockdown, they can walk around the estate, exercise within the estate while respecting the space of the neighbours and community.

A densely populated project means more houses are built on a piece of land as compared to a low density area. Because more houses are built on a particular piece of land, the prices are lower. A low density project, on the other hand, fetches a higher price as residents have more space per person. As such, lower density project offers greater privacy and this privacy is often marketed as the luxe feature or selling point. Being built farther apart, low density project also offers greater privacy or a sense of seclusion.

The houses at Pun Hlaing golf estate might come complete with golf club and country club membership. You can choose to know fellow like-minded neighbours if you want to at the club events. However, you are also given the choice to stay away on days where you need to be on your own. Being a gated estate, this estate offers additional security and the management will check all the visitors to the estate. This certainly reduces any imported diseases that's not within the control of mankind. On top of all the above, the estate comes with its own fire station offering added security to the residents and their homes.

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