Yoma Land launches The Hills @ Pun Hlaing, glamorous homes designed to meet the needs of all ...

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Yoma Land launches The Hills @ Pun Hlaing, glamorous homes designed to meet the needs of all generations in a safe and healthy environment.

Yoma Land launches The Hills @ Pun Hlaing, a home designed to meet the needs of all generations and which introduces some relaxed glamour to Yangon family life.

Stephen Purvis, Head of Yoma Land, says "People buy a house for three reasons. It could simply be a sensible investment. This is un-unsentimental, rational decision based on cost versus value and risk calculation. It could be based on pure desire. This is the same motivation that drives people to buy branded handbags, luxury cars and is a very strong driver in an image conscious age. Or it could be because it offers you all that you want from a home and you can imagine being happier there than you are in your current home." The Hills @ Pun Hlaing meets all these three criteria.

The Hills @ Pun Hlaing is an aspirational investment in the happiness of your family. The concept is based on a year of listening to customer’s requirements and resident’s feedback.

The team spent a year discussing the very personal needs of potential clients and the feedback from existing residents and owners. "The conclusions were that at design concept stage we need to focus less on the architectural form but instead consider the planning of the house from the perspective of a young family with all that this implies functionally. Everyone we talked to had interesting social or cultural requirements that were not being met in their current home. A pattern emerged with recurring themes. By addressing these in detail the plan emerged around a central staircase. This home works for everyone, from babies to grandparents."

Mya Myitzu, Design Director of M.ID Signature is the natural collaborator for this project. The first Myanmar to bring home the prestigious IPAX title, she brings The Hills @ Pun Hlaing some Californian glamour with an indoor/outdoor lifestyle concept.

"We have a close relationship with Mya (Design Director of M.ID Signature) forged during the design of the PenRes sales gallery which is based on trust and shared values of quality. The decision to work with her was a natural progression and she brings a fresh, inspired look and feel to the design. We are also focused on driving down energy costs for homeowners in parallel with developing a sustainable agenda." The developer is able to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 25% through innovative construction and technology.

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