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Pun Hlaing Residential Trends in 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

By Brenda Hobin

As the country's leading real estate developer, the pandemic has brought forth many accelerated innovation and transformation. Like migratory birds, people are also searching for safer communities to bring up their families. Communities that offers a holistic experience, from responsible neighbours to a community that offers ample space, facilities and services to architecture and construction that can offer emotional, physical and mental stimulations and contributes to the general well being of the families.



"Avian migration is a natural miracle. Migratory birds fly hundreds and thousands of kilometres to find the best ecological conditions and habitats for feeding, breeding and raising their young. When conditions at breeding sites become unfavourable, it is time to fly to regions where conditions are better." - World Migratory Bird Day

Just like migratory birds, humans are looking for favourable conditions to feed, breed and raise their youngs. Over the last year, Pun Hlaing Estate has seen a rise in occupancy in the estate. Residents in Yangon, both home-occupiers and renters, are looking for a favourable destination in Yangon to live, work and play. The rising demand for homes brought back a need for a gated and lifestyle community.

It is probably not a coincidence Pun Hlaing is also home to over 40 wildlife species.


Demand for turnkey property in low density community

"A turnkey property is a real estate asset that does not require any repairs or improvements and is completely move-in or rental ready. As their names suggest, turnkey properties are often sold and managed by a company that specializes in purchasing and rehabbing under-market value properties on behalf of passive income investors." - Fortune Builders

As the pandemic strikes and affects billions of people around the world and in Myanmar, there was a need to find a turnkey property. Pun Hlaing has requests from people who just want to buy or rent a ready to move in home. No repair works, no improvement and no finishing to delay the move-in process. Homes that has ample outdoor space and separate outdoor utility areas that allows the family to disinfect before entering the main house.

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