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Ready to Buy a Home? Consider these 5 Things First

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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Know the neighbourhood

Besides loving the home, you should also check out the amenities and services the immediate neighbourhood offers.

Love at first sight

For first time homeowner, you may not have sufficient experience to know what you like and dislike. Even if you fell in love with the first house you saw, you should view a few more options before making up your mind. However, trust your instinct and feelings, if you feel good about the place and can imagine staying in the house, trust that instinct.

Your bottom-line

Make a list of what you must have and what you can live without. Perhaps you need two bathrooms and a guest bathroom, if what you saw only has two bathrooms, can you live with that? Knowing your bottom-line is important to avoid heartache later on.

Know your neighbours

Good neighbours can make or break your experience. With good neighbours, you have new friends, new confidants and maybe even babysitters. Your neighbours who have lived in the area know all the tricks and insights that will make your new home a delightful experience.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes when house hunting

You should not only look at the house itself, you should check out the area, neighbourhood, neighbours, country club, golf club which are all done outdoor. So, dress appropriately to ensure you can walk around comfortably as you would probably take more time to check out the area if you have positive feelings about the house.

About Pun Hlaing Estate

The 652 acre estate is located by the Hlaing and Pan Hlaing rivers, and is a beautifully landscaped oasis of luxury estate villas and serviced apartments, golf course, country club with outdoor pool and tennis courts, culinary experiences, hotel, an international school, a hospital and a wellness day spa. Pun Hlaing Estate is a breath of fresh air away from the city so you can fully relax and enjoy life in Myanmar.

To discuss your needs with a trusted sales agent, kindly contact:


Lotus Terrace Apartment

C-202 (Model Home)

Hotline: 013684205 (Ext : 4099)


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