Privacy, peace and quiet at Lotus Hill

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Ref: Myanmar Times

Are you tired of living among lots of apartments and buildings in the urban jungle? Would you like a place with a bit more privacy and open space, but still relatively close the mod cons of the city?

This week Metro’s property of the week is one such place, a stand-alone house with modern amenities and a stylish interior.

The property is part of the Pun Hlaing housing project, located near the Bayint Naung bridge in eastern Hlaing Tharyar township. These colourful stand-alone houses come in various designs, as two- or three-storey buildings, in a safe and clean environment.

Part of the Lotus Hill portfolio of properties, this two-and-half-story house measures 4,611 square feet, with a average floor area of 1,618 square feet.

With plenty of space around the foundations, the property has enough room to park two cars. A green-grassed lawn awaits those who want to relax outside, or perhaps the avid hobby gardener. It’s a beautiful, private space to walk around or watch the kids play in the evening.

The interiors of Lotus Hill properties have been designed with open kitchens and a spacious living room, as well as a separate dining and maid’s rooms, and a toilet downstairs.

The bedrooms are on first and second floors, with the upper floor having two large bedrooms (one master) and the lower housing just one.

A large portion of the second floor is the balcony, which has a welcoming and shaded barbeque area. It’s a great place to cool-off in the evening, and to enjoy the quiet surrounds with a drink on a deck chair or comfy couch.

In the nearby area residents can find international school, hotel, a swimming pool, fitness center, as well as restaurants offering both eastern and western cuisine, a country club, golf course and a hospital.

There are also minimarts and golf accessories shop down the road. It’s also a suburb that’s well-serviced with banks and ATMs, as well as petrol stations and grocery shops.

Every so often residents have access to the Pun Hlaing cruise ship, where they can board the party vessel for a night on the Pun Hlaing and Hlaing Rivers.

Built over 20 years ago, Pun Hlaing Housing still looks brand-new to this day, as the quality of each property has been well-maintained. Other housing projects are in progress nearby, meaning that the suburb will see an increase in retail, recreational and business activities.

Hlaing Tharyar (east), where the Pun Hlaing housing project is located, has an area of 3100 hectares. The township contains a number of factories, and the housing provides homes for many foreign business people – those who work for these companies and elsewhere in the city.

Passing across the Bayint Naung Bridge from Insein, the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. But in terms of transport, Hlaing Tharyar can be a little hard to reach during the rush hour.

According to the price set by the government in 2018, one square foot of land at the Pun Hlaing Housing was around K90,000, with the price remaining steady in 2019-20. – Translated

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