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Living High - Yoma | Lotus Hill

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Source: Sedgwick Richardson

Located at the heart of the prestigious Pun Hlaing Estate, Lotus Hill is a new residential property development targeting Yangon’s affluent buyers. Elevated triplex villas with a choice of layouts blend the creativity of loft-inspired living with the freedom and security of landed property.

Inspired to Reach Great Heights

Our journey began by engaging the Lotus Hill project and marketing teams to understand the unique aspects of this residential property. We listened carefully to the architects and interior designers to appreciate their vision before visualising the personality of the Lotus Hill experience and the targeted buyer segments.

Inspired by the style of a luxury brand monogram, we crafted a brand identity that signalled height and elevated status and signalled the property name. On a subtle level, the three vertical lines in the identity resembles the triplex villas’ three floors. The final layer of meaning reflects the two different ground floor configurations (traditional or contemporary). When the letters ‘L’ and ‘H’ combine, the negative space reveals the contemporary, open layout and the traditional, contained layout.

Dream Lofty Dreams

An aspirational brand language was created and expressed across all Lotus Hill touch-points. These simple statements captured the personality of the brand and communicated its unique benefits. A marketing brochure helped soft launch Lotus Hill, highlighting choice of either a contemporary or a traditional layout through a dual floor plan spread.

Friends in High Places

A teaser component to the launch introduced the brand identity in a bold way: the letters ‘LH’ literally rising above the top of the billboard to signal height and stature. A series of thought-provoking questions were crafted to raise interest and curiosity.To complement hoardings and ambient media billboards, a series of hanging banners helped profile Lotus Hill among existing residents of Pun Hlaing and their affluent visitors.

High Production Values

A range of high-quality merchandise was  curated to reflect the active and natural lifestyle of Lotus Hill. Luxurious towels created a connection with the amenities centre in the development. An elegant mineral water bottle was designed in two variants; one for sparkling water and another for still water, symbolising the choice of layout configurations and subtly signalling this seamless brand story.

The Height of Refinement

A website landing page helped bring the experience of loft-inspired living online. Its clean, spacious layout also builds on the idea of duality within the brand story: interactive functions for traditional or contemporary layouts. The height theme was reinforced through carefully crafted copy and pull-out statements that guide users down the page. Through simple questions and statements a sense of intrigue builds as the user is drawn down to the final call to action.

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