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How to set up a productive home office if you have to work from home during social distancing

Updated: Jun 21, 2020


If you start work form home, it is crucial to set up a home office that encourages you to get things done efficiently and effectively. Design plays a role in maximizing your productivity on your work from home journey. Working from home can be sometimes boring and can impact your productivity. Here are some tips for setting up your own home office that inspire and motivate.

Location is critical

First of all, which area would you like to work? In dining room, living room or your bedroom? The consideration factor in choosing location is to get rid of noise distraction from the surrounding activities, TV or appliances. Since most of your time will be spent at this dedicated space, it should be comfortable. The ideal home office is a spare room with a door and comes complete with the gadgets (e.g. internet access, phone, stationery, desk organiser and notebook) to reduce clutter control. One more thing to consider is the room temperature, being too hot or too cold is a distraction. A stabilize your body temperature will help you keep productive.

Comfortable desk & chair

After choosing the dedicated space, second consideration is to select the right desk and chair for you. There are different styles of desks, you should choose one which can be matched with your space such as a traditional desk, a desk with shelves, a L-shaped desk, an U-shaped desk, a T-shaped desk or a stand up desk. Don’t think twice about investing in a good quality and comfortable chair for your home office. Being too comfortable can make you sleepy and being uncomfortable can cause back and neck issue, which impact motivation and productivity.

Adequate lighting

Good lighting is critical for home office set up. It’d be better if your home office space has window, you can get natural light which enhance your productivity. You can also look out of the window while you take break - a bonus! If there is no window, overhead ceiling light, open-top floor lamps or task light can be selected. Studies proved that white lighting is better than yellow lighting for work to maintain concentration.

Accessorise to inspire and motivate

Working from home in style! Decorate your home office to reflect your style, this should be a space that inspire and motivate yours. Why not display an inspirational quote on the wall, DIY notice board with your favourite fabric, convert your zodiac sign mug as your pen holder or display a photo with your colleagues in a frame on your desk?

Add some greenery

Another bright idea to keep motivated at your home office is displaying indoor plants around your desk. There are many benefits of putting green plants in your home office. They clean the air, reduces stress, boost creativity, helps to maximise productivity and make your workspace more attractive.

Be connected

Last but not least, being connected with your colleagues via instant messaging app will help you feel motivated which boost productivity. One of the scientifically proven motivator is social interaction at workplace. Helping, advising and sharing with colleagues can reduce stress and depression at work.


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