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Going Wild at Pun Hlaing Estate and StarCity with Jon Skipper

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hello, Mingalabar and welcome to the September edition of GOING WILD. 

First of all I’d just like to thank everyone who has been in contact regarding this new blog, the positive feedback was greatly appreciated and encouraging, as were the number of submissions from people who live and work at Pun Hlaing and StarCity.

Starting us off this month are a collection of photographs sent in by a resident of StarCity. 

Sam took some cracking photographs which she captured whilst out practising with her new camera. 

The vivid colours of these Red Lotus Flowers really pop in the dull, seasonal weather.

This pair of Buff Backed Heron’s are in their breeding plumage, which gives them an ochre coloured tint to the top of their heads, necks and wings.

A lucky encounter with this Indo-Chinese forest lizard, Burmese ပုတ်သင်ညို Pote Thin Nyo, provided an interesting photo opportunity, it’s blue head, body and feet really look spectacular and gives it the look of a miniature dragon.

Next up are some of Monica Yunn Ei’s favourite pictures she took at Pun Hlaing Estate where she works. 

Monica chose this photograph of some Golden Trumpet flowers - Allamanda Cathartica - Burmese Khayawah - “because they are beautiful and strong, even when nobody takes much care of them and they have five petals which is one of my favourite numbers.”

Monica also submitted this fantastic picture of some Wedelia - Burmese Beezus - which she took after a downpour.

She said “This picture shows its strength and resistance. I have watched the way the landscapers transplant Wedelia, and both species are always hungry to be alive and happy to survive quite well. I feel seeing together water drops and these little plants make me fresh and motivated. Perhaps, I love raindrops.”

Brothers Hiro and Yu Yu, residents of Pun Hlaing Estate, sent me the photo above and had this to say about their choice. “We found colourful hibiscus. Usually we see red color but this time light orange , pink, and red just like a rainbow🌈"

Another resident of Pun Hlaing Estate, Wai Wai Myaing, found this beautiful Dragonfly or Damselfly - Burmese ပဇင်းကောင် p jainn kaung - resting on the jade green leaf of a potted lily in the garden of her Ivory Court Residence property.

Finally, the mysterious Uncle Potato has been continuing his bird watching at StarCity.  

Chestnut Munia are flocking in groups of 50 to a 100 and stripping seeds from elephant grass and cane. Very common along the north sand road.

Pairs of River Lapwings are nesting in the long grasses at the plant nursery. These are very elegant with a sandy back, white chest and black head and legs. If you approach their nest by mistake they take off and distract you with low level acrobatics and sharp mournful cries.

That’s all for this month, if any of our readers can help by supplying the local names for any of the wildlife featured it would be appreciated. 

Please keep the submissions coming in (send to so we can continue to explore and share the wealth of natural diversity which surrounds us. 

Join us for the next episode of Going Wild!

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