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Gated Community Living 2020 - Is a gated community right for you?

By Carolyn Phoo Ngon

Occasionally, a little extra security is necessary.

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Gated community is neighbourhoods enclosed by a fence with private access for residents. Gated community have operated entrances where security screens entrants or some sort of automatic intercom or pass-based entry system. Gated community is a great option for someone looking for safety.

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1. Gated community under estate management It’s important to know that gated community is managed by a team of professionals. An estate management will take care of the amenities and services offered, including gates if there are any.

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2. Gated community have less traffic flow One of the most notable pluses for residents in a gated community is the severe decrease in vehicle traffic. Since gated community only allow access to residents and their approved guests, there aren’t many people that will be “just passing through.” This is especially encouraging for families with children.

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3. Superior property value The cost of living in a gated community is one thing that makes people turn their head away from considering it. However, there are numerous affordable gated communities available. Gated communities have better property value especially when it is from a trusted builder. If you are considering to buy a home in a gated community to sell later on, this is an added value.

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4. Discover your sanctuary Gated community have a green environment in general. Once again, with the absence of moving traffic or outsiders, gated communities are far less vulnerable to pollution. With its regular maintenance and facilities, a breath of fresh air is always at your doorstep.

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Is a gated community right for you? Gated community certainly provide an added extra level of security and may be right for some renters. Now that you know more about gated community, it’s up to you to assess your own rental needs and determine whether or not a gated community is the best choice.

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Carolyn Phoo Ngon

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