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Finding the right buy-to-let property

Some home occupiers are first time home-owners. The intention is to move-in with their their families upon construction completion. Others buy real estate as a form of investment as real estate prices often appreciates in the long run.


There is a third motivation, a combination of the earlier motivations mentioned: they buy-to-let, and use the rentals received to finance their home loans. In other words, they get to own a house with renters rents.

The key to this last strategy, however, lies in three important criteria:

Knowing who you wish to rent out to

If you have decided you want to buy-to-let, then you have to decide who do you wish to let out to as they determine what types of homes you should invest in.

For instance, young executives who wants to assert their independence. They are ready to leave the parents' nest and strat the road of independence. For this group, consider offering rentals that comes with housekeeping and laundry facilities and services.

Another potential group of renters are newly married and young couples. They just got married, they are saving up to buy a house. However, they prefer not to live with their in-laws so they would need to rent a space that is reasonably priced, and spacious enough to let the couple enjoy their personal space while celebrating their new relationship status.

The last group consists of foreign diplomats and heads of international corporations. They relocate with the family. They are looking at bigger homes, outdoor pool and probably ample rooms for the family and visiting friends and relatives.

Deciding what's important for your targeted renters

The lockdown has forced many people to spend lots of time working from home. Decisions revolve around living in a low density communities, estates with established protocols on safety and measures, estates that take a step in creating a vibrant and fun community for the residents living within.

In addition they are looking at estates that offer a third space for them to meet their friends and neighbours. A garden estate for them to relax and chill so they can maintain and in some cases enhance their mental and physical well being. Parents would be looking at estate with playground and ample outdoor space for their kids to cycle or play around.

The renters would be also biased towards an estate that is within walking distance to country club facilities, golf course facilities, tennis courts, outdoor pools and pampering spa therapies. Estate that offers co working space or secretarial support facilities might score higher on the renters checklist. And last but not least, travel desk or concierge services as sometimes travel advisories can be confusing.

Finding the right home loans

The last part of the puzzle is finding the right home loans to finance your buy-to-let strategy. Speak to representatives from Yoma Bank, CB Bank, AYA Bank, uab or any bank you are comfortable with. Know what are available for you based on the prices of the property.

The Smart Home Owners

Be diligent about your real estate strategy. If you do the right homework, you will be the proud new homeowner, paying only the difference between the yields from rental and the home loans you secured from the bank.

Pun Hlaing Estate

The 652 acre Pun Hlaing Estate, developed by Yoma Land is located by the Hlaing and Pan Hlaing rivers, and is a beautifully landscaped oasis of luxury estate villas and serviced apartments, golf course, country club with outdoor pool and tennis courts, culinary experiences, hotel, an international school, a hospital and a wellness day spa. Pun Hlaing golf estate is a breath of fresh air away from the city so you can fully relax and enjoy life in Myanmar.

Villas, Townhouses, Semi-Detached On- and Off-plan for sale

If you are targeting to buy a real estate in a safe community, friendly neighbourhood with international quality education and healthcare, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from:

Lotus Place: A perfect balance between privacy and accessibility. Happiness lies in harmony and at Lotus Place multi generational families can live together and separately with a top floor home within a home affording complete independence.

The Hills: The Hills @ Pun Hlaing is an aspirational investment in the happiness of your family. A limited edition of homes is designed to meet the needs of all generations and which introduces some relaxed glamour to Yangon family life.

Lotus Hill: A collection of stylish triplex villas set within a landscaped island surrounded by waterways and flowing canals. Imagine the assurance and freedom of a landed property within a private island. This lush haven enjoys views of the lake and the country’s most prestigious golf course.

For more information, please contact us at +05 (9) 777229449 and email:


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