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COVID-19 & Disruptive innovation: Our employees have all the creativity we need

By Brenda Hobin

Since the lockdown and call by the authorities to enforce greater physical distancing measures, the 350 on-site team members, led by the Pun Hlaing Estate Management team, had been continuously creating fun yet safe events that would keep the multi-national residents mentally, emotionally and physically engaged.

Disruptive innovation amidst the pandemic

Besides the gymnasium, outdoor pool and tennis courts, the estate management team organised a drive-in movie night for the residents, featuring The Greatest Showman by Hugh Jackman.

Revival of a 1960s concept

Drive-in was a concept that started as early as 1910s in New Jersey and became popular in 1950s and 60s with the Baby Boomers. Richard Hollingshead, father of the Drive-in concept, created this to allow families to spend time with one another and also as an affordable date night option. By the 70s, drive-in gave way to cinemas and cineplexes. Despite the crisis, a revival of a falling concept is here to stay in the foreseeable future as people are careful about keeping a physical distance until a vaccine is cured.

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