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Athleisure Fashion for Golf: Trendy or Comfy?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

By Phyo Ei Khine

Athleisure is derived from sportswear, but it goes the extra mile for daily dressing and even formal wears in some professional situations! Millennials around the world are quickly jumping on the athleisure trend since it is cool, effortless and comfortable. Nowadays, people are more conscious about fitness and wellness, which becomes their all-around lifestyle. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of the NPD Group said, "This is no longer a trend – it is now a lifestyle that is too comfortable, for consumers of all ages, for it to go away anytime soon." Without a doubt athleisure trend become a global phenomenon.

Athleisure trend is growing over time and influencing golf fashion trend. Don’t think twice to replace your old fashion outfits with new trendy ones.

Here are some tips for being fashionable on the fairways:

Find the right fit: When you are not only playing golf, but also other sports activities, you should consider getting the right size and right cut for your body. If the outfit is too tight or too lose, when you play golf, you cannot move freely and play comfortably. Choosing the right fit is the authenticity of athleisure trend, a stylish mix of fashion and comfort.

Get the right fabric: Playing golf is spending time under scorching sun, so choosing the right fabric is a must. Right fabric means lightweight, waterproof and breathable ones, which help your physical ease and relaxation. If you are sweating a lot or feel hot while you play, you cannot focus on your swing.

Add colour combination: Some people choose neon colour for athleisure look, but it is not a good option for playing golf. Pastel shades or toned-down version of the hues or tie dye are best colour collection for golf without being too much attention on golf course.

Pick printed design: Upgrade your wardrobe with eye-catching printed designs from pattern to floral for your athleisure look. Don’t forget the concept of mix and match! If you pick pattern tops, you should choose plain colour pants, capris or short skirts. You don’t need a printed design top and bottom at one time- it’s too much.

Accessories is complementary: Classic visor, fashionable sunglasses, a pair of gloves and fitness band will complement your golf fashion.

Source: SwingControl

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