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Ah, Looking for Your Dream Home? 4 Facts You Need to Know Before House Hunting

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

1. Spend time in water closet

Home buyers do not spend enough time examining the bathroom which they should.

Flush the toilet, turn on taps to check the water pressure. But check with the sales representative or agent if you can use the bathroom, as with some developments, it’s considered impolite to actually use the bathrooms.

2. Storage space

Check if there are enough storage space to meet your needs. Before you actually start house hunting, take stock of your existing storage space and know exactly how much you would like to have in your next home.

3. Meet the neighbours

The only way to know the people in the neighbourhood is by meeting them directly and asking them actual questions about the management company, customer services, babysitters, country club facilities and amenities, utilities bills, back-up generator, security and safety and quality of school and education in the neighbourhood. Also pay attention to their enthusiasms level when speaking with you. Are they excited or are they unfriendly? Their attitudes are illuminating on the atmosphere you will be basking in.

4. Are there any incentive or upcoming open house featuring hot deals?

Ask the sales rep or agent if there are any upcoming deals coming up in the area? You might get a super good deal that you would normally not get. But such deals only last a day or two, so it is important to do your due diligence before the open house to place an offer.

About Pun Hlaing Estate

The 652 acre estate is located by the Hlaing and Pan Hlaing rivers, and is a beautifully landscaped oasis of luxury estate villas and serviced apartments, golf course, country club with outdoor pool and tennis courts, culinary experiences, hotel, an international school, a hospital and a wellness day spa. Pun Hlaing Estate is a breath of fresh air away from the city so you can fully relax and enjoy life in Myanmar.

Open House contact info


Lotus Terrace Apartment

C-202 (Model Home)

Hotline: 013684205 (Ext : 4099)


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