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A Message from Stephen Purvis, Head of Yoma Land

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, Yoma Land wants to share the progress with the Star City River Park which is currently under construction.

You will no doubt be preoccupied and concerned about the Coronavirus threat and we hope you have noticed that Star City has been taking precautions and planning well in advance to minimise the threat to you and your family.

We want to give you something positive to look forward to and despite being overshadowed by constant news of COVID-19, Earth Day is something that we should still celebrate. At Yoma Land we are committed to environmental sustainability and an outdoor, healthy, lifestyle balance is part of that. Since the beginning of the year we have been constructing a large open park beside the river for use of all residents in daylight hours. Carefully designed, with plenty of shade it features a hill from which to view the river and which at night can transform on special occasions to a public event space or open theatre. The many varieties of tree from all over Myanmar being planted will form the start of the Star City Community Forest program and the park has been designed to include a yoga/outdoor gym area, a family area for BBQ, a contemplation zone and a toddlers safe play area. Much use has been made of reclaimed and repurposed materials. By the time the threat of Coronavirus has passed the park should be in condition that will allow us to open the gates for you to enjoy the first riverside park of this kind in Yangon. Kind regards Stephen Purvis Head of Yoma Land



About Yoma Land

Yoma Land was launched in 2018 by Yoma Strategic Holdings and First Myanmar Investment to hold the real estate assets of both companies. Since 1992 Serge Pun and Associates (SPA) and these companies have established themselves as among the most influential and successful real estate developers in Myanmar.

The founding of Yoma Land allows YSH and FMI to consolidate their activities going forward. This creates benefits of scale and efficiency that benefit customers, employees and shareholders. Yoma Land has one of Myanmar’s largest landbanks, focusing on township projects and the mission of Building Better Communities for the Future of Myanmar. It is actively building out existing assets, targeting new acquisitions and developing innovative products. Current sectors in which Yoma Land is active include residential, hotel, office, schools and retail. ​​​

Yoma Land is transforming Yangon’s cityscape across three strategically located flagship developments, StarCity, Yoma Central and Pun Hlaing Estate. From aspirational urban residential developments to high-end luxury, Yoma Land aims to build communities that are attractive, safe and vibrant, while placing emphasis on innovative designs, building standards and product range. ​

About Stephen Purvis

Mr. Stephen Purvis was appointed as the Head of Yoma Land in February 2019. He has been with the Group since 2013 and was the Project Director and subsequently the General Manager for Yoma Central since 2015. He also spearheaded the master planning of StarCity. Mr. Purvis has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate market including developing substantial mixed-use city centre projects in emerging and developed markets. 

Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Purvis was a director at Coral Capital Group Ltd, a Cuba-focused country fund, where he oversaw long-term equity real estate projects, including the design, funding, construction and operation of a portfolio of hotels under the Hotel Saratoga brand. Notably, he master planned the new container port and economic zone of Mariel with partner Dubai Ports World and was also the project manager for high profile clients such as the Prince of Wales Foundation. 

Mr. Purvis is a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and holds a Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Degree in Architecture from Newcastle University, England and a Bachelors in Architecture from Westminster University, England. 

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