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A Message from Melvyn Pun, CEO & Executive Director

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

At Yoma Group, our priority is with the health and wellbeing of all stakeholders; this includes our employees, customers, business partners and the local communities in which we operate.

We take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously and have taken a number of important steps to protect our people. Since January, we had restricted international travels and initiated meetings with video calls. Thermal screening is in place for all our sites, and paid medical leave are provided for staffs if they and their family have fever or respiratory symptoms.

Yoma is committed to maintaining coverage in our critical services, whether in banking, healthcare, real estate or other areas. Our business continuity plan considers the various scenarios of disruption to support this commitment.

These are unprecedented and unexpected times, but we are committed to navigating this ambiguity with our partners, customers and our communities to support their needs where we can.

At this critical time, it is important to be ready, but not to panic. Each of us has a role to play to defeat this pandemic.

Stay safe

Melvyn Pun

Yoma Group

About Melvyn Pun

Mr. Melvyn Pun was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Yoma Strategic in 2015, driving the move to diversify the Group’s businesses along the core businesses while building its recurring income streams. He has been extensively involved in developing the Group’s relationships with key partners, including Mitsubishi Corporation, IFC, ADB, Yum! Brands, New Holland, JCB, Telenor and Pernod Ricard, amongst others.

Prior to joining SPA, Mr. Pun spent 12 years at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong, where he was Managing Director, Head of Asia Ex-Japan Corporate Solutions Group. In that role, he has provided financial and corporate advisory services to corporates and non-profit organisations in Asia Pacific for fund raising, investments and risk management. Mr. Pun is a founding member and an executive committee member of the Myanmar Institute of Directors. He serves on the Asia Pacific Council for The Nature Conservancy and is a Board Member of OneSky, a charity that helps the world’s vulnerable young children. He is also a Malaria Private Sector Leaders Advocate for the M2030 initiative, an effort organised by the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (“APLMA”) to eliminate malaria by the year 2030.

Appointed to the Board of Yoma Strategic on 27 July 2015, Mr. Pun is an Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Yoma Strategic.

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